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Welcome to my blog in which I hope to share some pictures with you which have inspired me, I hope you like them.

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  1. This photograph was taken on a chilly afternoon on Plymouth Hoe.  The Waterfront has the a lovely Art Deco lido but some of the buildings such as old changing rooms around it are in disrepair and are no longer in use. The area is a warren of concrete platforms, steps and sunbathing spots which follow the contours of the land down into the sea and are very popular with swimmers, (even in the winter!).  In places the concrete is stained with rust and some of the patterns and shapes are gorgeous. There are many spots where I can get my fix of rust and peeling paint all in one go! I was particularly pleased with this shot taken on my phone.

    handrails on the hoe

  2. I wanted to bring this picture to you this week because I've been looking at how everyday objects can change and become a thing of beauty depending upon how you view them.  This photograph was taken at Plymouth College of Art during a recent visit and it shows a stack of new chairs.  The lines of the stacked metal chairs become quite sculptural when viewed as a single piece. Although I'm naturally drawn to peeling paint and rusty metal, when it comes to furniture and architecture I find that clean lines are most appealing to me. Perhaps that was what drew my eye in this instance.


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