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Welcome to my blog in which I hope to share some pictures with you which have inspired me, I hope you like them.

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  1. Whilst it's very true that I don't always look up to roof height when I'm walking around and have been known to miss some interesting things, It seems I don't always look down either!! Having lived in Plymouth for six years now and having walked the route I went last week many times - I had never noticed this before! I just had to get a photo of it.  Apparently it's a cross-section of the old Eddystone Lighthouse. I don't know if it was taken from the one on the Hoe when that was moved or whether it's from an earlier one. Perhaps someone can tell me!Either way, it's a great bit of stone cutting and a lovely texture!


  2. Last Friday I went out with my phone to take pictures of rusty metal, rust-stained concrete, beautifully grained stone, old metal workings and of course, peeling paint!  I have used a photo I took of some peeling paint in the past and after putting it through photoshop, printing it onto acetate, transferring the image to aluminium - I managed to produce a set of jewellery based on peeling paint!!

    Today's picture features some flakey paint and I love the way that it reveals the secrets of the wood beneath.


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