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All of our cuffs are unique. When a sheet of aluminium is cut, only 3 cuffs are ever cut out and the they're cut from different areas of the overall design so that no two are the same. The process used means that colour is locked into the surface and will not transfer to skin or clothes.

They are usually a standard (medium) fitting unless otherwise stated and are either a slim width, standard width or wide width which is shown in the description.

To care for your cuff and to keep it looking it's best, we recommend the following:-

  • To put your cuff on, slide it up the thinnest part of your hand, usually above the little finger and then rotate when it reaches your wrist. To take it off, reverse the action.
  • Never open your cuff out by pulling on the ends as this will cause the aluminium to crack and will result in permanent damage.
  • There will be enough flexibility in the cuff to allow normal handling and wear.
  • Your cuff is best stored away from full sunlight as red tones can fade a little if stored in bright sunlight for long periods.

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